Support us

Why ?

If our journey inspires you, if you want to see the birth of our short film, then read the following part :) We decide to start a fundraising campain to recolt funds for our journeys, especially for the materials needed for our documentary :

  • A lavalier microphone.
  • A camera and a stabilizator.
  • And maybe even a drone (if guilwen’s experiment with a kite isn’t satisfactory…)

Ah, and also, at the end, we give a few other non-monetary ways to support us, don’t forget to check them !

How ?

You can support us with our fundraising (you decide the amount you want to give). You will then became a truly generous and kind person (yes, yes) whom we’d like to thank most warmly. You’ll appear in the documentary’s acknowledgements and, if the campaign reaches its target, you’ll receive a great postcard during our journey: “thanks to your support, we’re at the Podgorica pizzeria (associative and cooperative, of course)”.

Support us by donating on our Ulule campaign ^

Other ways to support us

  Support us on social medias

On LinkedIn on our personnals accounts, and on Instagram or Mastodon to make people hear about us !


Do you have friends, family, or do you live yourself in a village in the middle of nowhere, but on our route ? Big cities are fine too. You can support us by providing a shower and shelter during our journey… Don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail!

  Some support

Else, a few positive words, it helps a lot !