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[Article] Wander'earth manifesto

2023/10/29 - Manifesto of the values we want to share during our journey.

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1. Take the time to travel

Slow travel, Slowtravel. Slower tourism means taking a trip where the journey is almost more important than the arrival, taking the time to immerse yourself in different places and cultures, and discovering places off the beaten track. It’s an unforgettable experience… There’s nothing more rewarding than admiring the landscape during a day’s cycling, not to mention the breaks, the unexpected discoveries along the way, the encounters, the hard times… It’s a way of traveling that’s richer in experiences and memories.

So you have to allow yourself to travel more freely. Go on foot, by bike, by train, or any other wacky, user-friendly vehicle. These are more sustainable modes of transport than those we imagined at the beginning of the 21st century.

2. To a regenerative tourism

Regenerative tourism aims to have a positive impact on the ecosystems it encounters:

  • By supporting local and alternative economies.
  • By helping causes of social justice and equity.
  • By caring for biodiversity.
  • By practicing zero waste.
  • By sharing experiences and stories at encounters, to learn from and about each other.

3. Share positives values

Highlight those who are creating tomorrow’s world, on their own scale, whether in their own garden or on a larger scale. Highlight the philosophies and values that drive these people. Share resources and references to inspire other communities. Travel to imagine and peddle stories, share experiences and promote this style of travel.

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